Monday, June 4, 2012

my 49th spring

The Godfather's Villa, Taormina, Sicily

Since June 5th of last year, I've tried not to give thought, acknowledge, or lend any credence to the fact that I would have to face a major milestone birthday on June 4th 2012.   As the weeks, and months crept by, the inevitable came over me like a soggy, mildew ridden, moth eaten, flea infested, frayed and nasty blanket.  My dread building, anxiety took over, changing me into an unhappy, grumpy, madwoman.

There was no way to stop the clock.  I can't buy another fake ID.  I had to accept it...

But then - a miracle happened.

On our recent vacation, the Babe and I met the most fantastic man!  His name was Roberto, and he was our tour guide in Rome.  We were fortunate enough to share two days with him while he introduced us, in great detail, to the city of Roma, the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, and the breathtaking Colosseum.  Roberto possessed an amazing passion for all of the history in his beautiful country of Italy, and the Babe and I learned more in those two days than we did in all of our college history courses combined.  But the most important thing Roberto taught me, the most incredible lesson of all, was how the Italians from his region consider age.   Dear, sweet, insightful Roberto was raised to never ask a women - "how old are you?"  Instead, she is asked "how many Springs have you?"

I almost fell over the side of the Colosseum!  Since my birthday falls in the Summer, it gives me one less Spring!  THIS MADE MY YEAR!!

I am proud to tell you all that today is my birthday, 
and I have had 49 Springs.

My favorite store in Santa Margherita, Italy

This phenomenal discovery is cause for celebration!  I have decided to make 49 promises to myself.  This is not a bucket list, but more a "yolo" list, to be completed in this next year.  By doing so, I guarantee myself that the next 364 days will be the most amazing ever! No feeling sorry for myself.  No crying.  No lying on the bathroom floor with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue drinking myself into a state of numbness.  (not that I considered that)

I'm going to enjoy every damn day of my 49th Spring year, and greet my 50th Spring year happier, healthier, and with the most marvelous memories.

1.    I'm going to work less.
2.    I'm going to Heinz Field and watch a Steelers football game.  Preferably in the snow.
3.    I'm going to allow myself time to read more.
4.    I'm going to buy myself a pair of Louboutin Black Leather Pointed Toe Pumps with a 4' heel.             (most likely on EBay)
5.    I'm going to play more with my pups.
6.    I'm going to volunteer for Operation Homefront
7.    I'm not going to join the Red Hat Club.  Nothing against it, ladies.  Just not yet.
8.    I'm going to change my eating to the Mediterranean diet - thank you Greg, for the great cookbook.
9.    I'm going to catch and release a sailfish.
10.  I'm going to be less cynical.
11.  I'm going to be more compassionate.
12.  I'm going to meditate more.
13.  I'm not going to feel guilty about using the word "I" instead of "We".  My kids are grown, and I love them with all my heart, but now is time for me.
14.  I'm going to worry less.  Seems everyone in their 50s walks around worried about their health, so much so, that the stress of worrying will probably kill them.
15.  I'm going to start my Internet biz.  You guys will love it.
16.  I'm going to watch a sunset with my Babe in Sedona.
17.  I'm going to make homemade pasta.
18.  I'm going to speak more Italian.
19.  I'm going to laugh more, especially with my incredible friends.
20.  I'm going to take a watercolor class.
21.  I'm going to taste Limburger cheese.  My Mom and her sisters loved it, with a thick slice of onion, but it always grossed me out.
22.  I'm going to have the Babe teach me to play poker, then start a monthly ladies poker night.
23.  I'm going to buy a pair of plaid shorts, and play 18 holes of golf.
24.  I'm going to have dinner at e2 - Emeril Lagasse's newest restaurant in Charlotte, NC.
25.  I'm going to play in the snow with my dogs.
26.  I'm going to ride a horse.
27.  I'm going to plant an olive tree in honor of me.
28.  I'm going to enjoy a wine tasting, or three.
29.  I'm going to do a cartwheel.
30.  I'm going to try P90X for a minimum of 30 days in a row.  Unless I die on day 13 or 14.
31.  I'm going to spend more time fishing.
32.  I'm going to be grateful for my health.  Everyday.  And stop watching those horrible pharmaceutical commercials.  And quit complaining.
33.  I'm not going to cut my hair.  Going to let it grow for the entire year.
34.  I'm going to watch my boys continue their journeys on such awesome paths.  And smile.
35.  I'm going to enjoy my Mom every chance I get.  And keep my sense of humor with her dementia.
36.  I'm going to be less jaded.
37.  I'm going to be more jocose.  (go ahead, I'll wait while you look it up.)
38.  I'm going to eat seared foie gras on top of a Kobe filet mignon, and not feel guilty about it.  But just once.
39.  I'm going to rent a boat and go water skiing.
40.  I'm going to get new wheels for my roller blades, and wear them down in 3 months.
41.  I'm going to can all the delicious fruits and vegetables North Carolina has to offer this summer.
42.  I'm going to spend more time with my friends, and their little ones.  Mine are grown, and theirs are getting way too big way too fast.
43.  I'm going to try and learn to enjoy dark chocolate - just for my heart's health.
44.  I'm going to enjoy my relatives more - I really lucked out with all of my in-laws.
45.  I'm going to spend more time in the garden.  Less time in front of the computer.
46.  I'm going to ride a motorcycle.  Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 to be exact.
47.  I'm going to take more classes at the Buddhist Center.
48.  I'm going to spend three days with elephants at their sanctuary.
49.  I'm going to love and appreciate the Babe, more.  He's my best friend and my last husband, and the one that will make completing the above 48 even more awesome.

The Babe and I at the top of Capri

Thank you, Roberto.  Happy birthday, to me : )