Thursday, January 27, 2011

53 years ago today...

the Babe was born.  January 27th has become, and will always be, a lucky day for me.

To commemorate this momentous occasion, the Babe and I will depart the Port of Miami for a short, but leisurely cruise in the Caribbean waters.

We will take in the sights and sunshine, 

partake in delightful cocktails, 

watch every sunset,

and celebrate life - his, mine and ours.

Happy birthday, Babe - I couldn't love you more!

The Babe Boombastic Cocktail
  (in honor of the birthday boy)

Fill a tall collins glass with ice.  Squeeze the juice from a lemon wedge over the ice and toss in the wedge.  Add 2 generous ounces of your favorite rum.  Pour 3 ounces of Coke Zero over the rum, and top off with a heavy splash of pineapple juice.  Give a quick stir with your umbrella straw and if it happens to be your birthday too, put your feet up and have your spouse fan you with a palm frawn while you sing your favorite Jimmy Buffet tune.  Drink Happy!

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