Monday, November 15, 2010

A Random Act of Kindness You Won't Believe

Saturday, November 13th, was National Random Act of Kindness Day.  I wished we could all make this happen more often than once a year.  I try to instill it in my kids, and sometimes it works.  This part of the country suffers from great lacks of kindness.  Floridians should take a few lessons from the fine folks in the Carolinas.

I have to share something, nothing short of miraculous, that happened to me on Costco.  Yes, Costco.

As I was rushing to my niece's birthday party, her Mom called and asked if I could do her a huge favor and pick up the cake at Costco.  On a Sunday.  Early holiday shoppers and all.  Being the good friend I am, I said, "sure, no problem."  Is there a reason she didn't bake her a homemade cake, I thought to my selfish self.  But, I would do anything for my niece.

Costco's parking lot was jam packed, so Babe drops me off at the front door.  I hurry back to the bakery department, grab the cake, and do the mad dash to the check-out lanes.  Nightmare.  Carts by the mile are lined up in front of me.  Even the self check-out lanes are backed up with mostly seniors trying to figure out the new fangled contraptions.  I quickly position myself in the shortest lane.  Only six carts in front of me.  The cake is now weighing about 50 lbs. in my arms.  Okay, maybe 45 lbs.

And then, I heard the voice of an angel...actually, it was a 73 year old man, that offered to let me go in front of him.  What??  An act of kindness right here in South Florida, in the middle of a Costco, on a weekend?!  I felt light headed.  I think I may have even stumbled a bit.  But just as I was coming out of my shock and thanking him for his generous HAPPENED AGAIN!  The women in front of him, made the same offer, and just like dominoes, I was at the front of the line!  This was an absolute first for me, and not something I will soon forget.

I promise to pass this act of kindness on tomorrow.  And now, I'm going to have a nice glass of Old Vine Red Zinfandel to celebrate!  Drink happy!

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