Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm dreaming of a GREEN CHRISTMAS...


     Probably not the "green" some of you were thinking.  This entry for our
12 Days of Christmas Cocktails 
came to us from Heather D.  in Nashville, Tennessee - and HOLY CRAP are they good!  So good, in fact, that the first batch was gone before the ice cream had enough time to soften up for the second batch.

     I love a cocktail that is festive, delicious, and super easy to make more than one at a time.  Babe, a vodka drinker by years of training, thought the recipe sounded too sweet for his liking.  But after his third one, he couldn't think of a more perfect holiday drink!  The color is the shade of my Christmas tree, and the mint flavors make it a perfect after-dinner cocktail.  I think I will forego baking my usual six different types of holiday cookies this year, and simply serve this for my Christmas dinner dessert.

      Thanks to Heather, I just saved 14 hours of baking, allowing more time for Happy Hour!  I'll drink to that!

Grasshopper Milkshake
From Heather D.

2 Cups mint chocolate chip ice cream
1/2 cup milk
2 T De Kuyper creme de menthe liqueur  

Mix all ingredients in a 
blender,  pour into 
tall shot glasses and 
share if you must.  
Remember, it is the season 
of giving.

Drink happy!

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